I'm Good But Not An Angel ♥
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إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
The smarter you get the less you speak
Arabic Proverb  (via kalifornia-kussh)
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I’ll never be busy enough to not miss you.
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Will: Carlton, carlton, I understand that you’re scared, man, but the world can be a scary place. Just got to learn to deal with it.

Carlton: Yeah, well, I found my way.

Will: That’s not you, man. that’s them.

^ i remember this episode i cried while watching this 

Me too. 😢

This episode had me in tears, man. Like, you really knew the characters were growing from this. I loved how it was comedy and still touched on issues that affected Black youth. We need more shows like this on television.

You gotta think, the whole concept of this show was Will growing up in a bad neighborhood where shit like this happened all the time, and Carlton grew up in a life of privilege and sheltered from this kind of life, and I think Will was crying because he came so close to seeing Carlton go down the wrong path and end up like some of his friends back in Philly.

Damnit, y’all… Damn.

But ya’ll be like Will can’t act.

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